Fxplode investment group is working with Strategic Alliance to setup the most competitive Retail/Spot Foreign exchange business in the world. We provide our traders with the award winning MetaTrader4 Platform and our own innovative expertise to start organizations off with the right foundation needed to succeed in retail foreign exchange business.

By investing in your own brokerage house and beginning relationships with liquidity providers, it is possible for us to to lower the over all operational costs associated with members trading.

Here is an simple example to consider:

One of the largest brokers in USA, has over 100,000 clients. To run such a company you require over 200 employees.

On the other hand, Smaller brokers can manage up to 3000 customers with 4-5 employees. One ought to expect to make at least 15$ per trade per customer every day. If each customer trades 1 time every day, with 3000 customers, they are generating $45,000 a day for your business.

What can We offer you?

So far as a group of investors we have raised enough capital to get the brokerage up and running. Now it is on to stage two. We are only going to let in a limited number of investors to raise enough capital for our advertising plan.

The pending Launch date of our brokerage is July 5 2011.

Fxplode Investment Group can offer a solid investment on the ground floor of the fastest growing investment sectors in the world. This investment will be debt free so therefore we will be making money right out of the gate.

You are the part owner of your brokerage company and as such you choose what you need to do and we are here to deliver it to you.

Together with our legal and compliance department we are setting our brokerage as an Off Shore Regulated entity. We will apply for NFA/FSA license later.

We will offer a complete trading platform bearing our company brand name and company logo.

We will provide a banking/Payment processor solution.

Establish our brand in the Foreign exchange Brokerage industry.

Investment in Fxplode is for any individual and not just the rich and elite. With investment of as little as $100 we have developed a way for the average person to get into an investment that is usually reserved only for the rich.

As well as a presence in the foreign exchange industry. You will be provided with an access to a private blog and/or forum where they will be updated regularly on the company’s progress.

Dividends, once the company is operation will be paid on a monthly basis, on a fixed date to be set at launch. Each Share holder will be emailed a complete financial statement each month or be granted access to said statements via an online forum or other similar media.

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