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Thread: Forestation

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    Default Forestation

    Did you know that not even 10% of the worldwide demand for wood is presently covered by tree plantations?

    The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO Forestry Department):

    From 1960 to 1991 the world population grew from 2.5 to 5.2 billion. In the same period, the demand for round timber, lumber and derived timber products rose super proportionally from approximately 0.8 billion to over 2.1 billion cubic meters annually. This means that the bulk of the exotic wood consumed in the world, originates from natural forests, which do not have a safeguarded regeneration process.

    That is why we are doing something sensible:

    Just imagine if the net workers in every country, regardless of the firms for which they are marketing, would jointly show the strength and fervour inherent in this industry!

    Take a look at the Picture Gallery here
    If you like to support this project go to join

    What is the Current Situation?

    "Ever more forests are being destroyed with barely foreseeable damage and consequences for nature. Destruction of forests everywhere and no end in sight: forest fires in Australia, USA, Asia, and southern Europe. Floods in China, India, USA, Europe, Africa, in effect almost in all parts of the world.

    The consequences: flood catastrophes brought about by deforestation. Homeless persons, sicknesses and enormous economic losses.

    First of all for climate protection, an ever-increasing volume of wood needs to be gained in tree plantations, since:

    The earth needs trees, needs the air, which we breathe.

    Wood is the most important natural resource for humans, after water and oxygen.

    My idea and my aspiration are quite simple:
    Achieve something meaningful for the world before it is too late!

    If we continue this destruction, we will soon only have deserts in place of natural forests on our earth."

    You’re Income at
    In this project we only have winners:

    The earth
    The climate
    Our children and grandchildren
    The multitude of new jobs in the forest industry

    The investors, who are at the same time business partners within the network project, with double safety/security and double income together with the satisfaction to know that each new tree plant save a tree in the rainforest

    If you like to support this project to go to and join.....
    FREE Pre-launch

    You are very Welcome
    Supporting the forestation project gives me a lot of satisfaction and the opportunity to do something really worthwhile - For every breath you take, for the labour given to people in Bolivia, for future generations and the environment.

    The tree is of great significance in the ecological system and furthermore a great symbol for human life.

    Keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through
    which you must see the world. Reference: CashFlow

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    Are they still alive ? . nothing heard in the last month.

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