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The concept is quiet simple join our site and invest on any line that you like .
When two person buy a position in same line person at top cycle will completed and your money is doubled and is instantly paid to your alertpay account.
Smallest 2x1 matrix your money gets doubled in short amount of time .you must have seen many cycle this will be super fast

We have a great referral program by which both free and paid members can earn huge.

We pay 10% of the amount which your referred person invest in lines . If you are a member of www.vip-cycl3.info you will be provided a unique affiliate link , whenever a new user signup at our site using your affiliate link , he will be considered as your referral and each time your referral makes a purchase , you will get 10% of the amount .All referral commissions are paid automatically and instantly , that is you will get the commissions paid directly to your alertpay account within seconds after your referral has made a purchase.


We sell banner ads at cheap prices and people invest in our site so if your site which you advertise is good and have earning potential for people they can readily buy and you get sales or referral.


* Double after one more person purchase after you

* Extra income from referral program 10 % of amount which they invest

*All payouts are processed AUTOMATICALLY AND INSTANTLY

* You can buy unlimited number of positions , that is you can earn unlimited

Trusted and Transparent

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