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    Default FI-Invest - LongTern HYIP

    What Fi-Invest is? is a private investing platform. Using a knowledge of financial experts we are investing your money in various funds and activities. All profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for a long time.

    How Fi-Invest can work for you?
    We invest our members money in various ways what makes our program stable. About 60% of all compound sum is reinvested in diffirent investments companies with very high minimum (even $50,000). Rest, 40% is placed to support many different financial projects. 70% of all profits from investments belong to our members, rest 30% is Fi-Invest fee. Regards to this strategy we are able to be on investment market, with your support, forever.

    * Sign Up with Fi-Invest, it’s free
    * Choose your favorite plan, and earn daily, weekly, monthly or long term for life
    * Earn 5% - 10% from every deposit your referals made.
    * Investment principal can be withdrawed at any time (30% withdraw fee)
    * Investment earning can be withdrawed at any time without fee (on working days from Monday to Friday)
    * Withdraw are sent within 24h after request.
    * Investment proncipal and earnings can be transfered between users for free
    * REMEMBER: Always check that you are deposit to the right E-Gold account: FI-INVEST (E) 3177622
    * Minimum spend is US$10 and there is no maximum
    * You can make additional spend as many times as you like
    * All trnsaction are handled via e-gold.

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    Im in...

    Paid 20 times

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    I'm in also, Will have to make deposit tomorrow as their e-gold site is down.

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