Fireworks could be witnessed everywhere, while performers had been waving flags, and scaffolds were being raised and vocal cords were being shredded with enthusiasm as a plane had come crossing the Bell Centre and had just crashed into the central prop. This had been nothing if you compared it with the eye-popping spectacle that had been witnessed by thousands when Waters had presented his stage adaptation of the Pink Floyd’s 1979 double music album that was truly a masterpiece in every sense of the word. For those who saw the last night’s performance, the first of the two shows had been sold-out and had been visually so very dazzling. The music that had been played there was not only deafening but also quite breathtaking as it can be described as being a giddy experience. There had been numerous giant inflatable puppets along with some other inventive animation and also the giant wall that fell right between the artist and the audience.
As far as the music was concerned it was absolutely secondary, which is quite appropriate in a way, whereas the music album is amongst the best-produced recordings that have ever been in the entire history of not only the British rock but also the Bell Centre acoustics that were slightly better than the usual stuff for the respective album failed to do justice to the music albums sonic subtleties.
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