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    Default DBR/Thumper(Eric) and Gitter Done/Keith Norby

    Hey All

    Ok if anyone knows how to get a hold of either of these two people please PM the details. I got into the "Gitter Done" program which was promoted by Thumper(Eric) and I cannot get a hold of Mr. Norby(Gitter Done). I sent a large chuck of money to this man. Was supposed to receive my money back over 2 weeks ago and have not heard anything from this person. (I am not the only one) He has not responded to my emails. All I ask is some communication on what is going on. If anyone knows Keith Norby tell him someone is looking for him. And if I dont get a message or communication from him in the next 3 weeks the Nebraskan authorities might be looking for him next.

    Thank You.

    PS I really hate to bring this onto this board. But did not know where else to go.

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  3. 24-05-2006, 02:38 PM

    contact made

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