What do you think about this stuff... Many people now prefer to buy assembled computers. Itís cheaper & you can also select your preferred brand for the different parts. When it comes to monitors, they are one of the most important parts of a computer. Having a good monitor is essential when you are spending long hours on the computer. Earlier CRT(Cathode Ray Tube)monitors were popular. But the high-refresh rate of the CRT monitors made it a pain to look constantly at the blinking screen. BUT now LCD monitors are the norm. Liquid Crystal Display is the latest & popular technology to hit the IT world. The functioning uses more sophisticated technology than CRT monitors thus making the quality higher. As quality increases so does the price. So LCD monitors tend to be quite costlier than CRT.

Thatís where refurbished LCD monitors come in. These are nothing but recycled monitors. Donít get any wrong ideas about dilapidated 2nd hand monitors. Refurbished LCD monitors are in fact restored in factory service centers that specialize in recycling & restoring electronic goods. Mostly monitors suffer physical damage or some parts get worn out. Instead of throwing away such LCD Monitors, itís advisable to recycle or refurbish it.I need your valuable views on this post Keep it up.