NEW Program! Shop Right is a company that has a Bonus Pool that
pays you quarterly (every 90 days) year after year........for a LIFETIME!
One time cost of $149 gives you ONE SHARE and lifetime quarterly Bonus
checks. Shop Right hires "The NEA Company" to drill Oil Wells month after
month. There's an 80% success rate drilling for Oil. The profits will be
paid to all members every 90 days. They also guarantee that you'll earn
your initial $149 back within a year. If you're NOT Happy with their program, they will refund your money back after one year! You're only allowed ONE
SHARE per account. However, you can EARN more shares by recruiting new referrals. For each new referral, you earn ONE free Share plus $50. You have nothing to lose in this program........only GAINS......year after year after year!
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