The popular RnB singer named Justin Bieber has made a pledge to remain a virgin until he meets the perfect girl. This had been reported by his mum named Pattie Mallette. Pattie, who is the mother of this 16-year-old Canadian pop sensation, told the media that her son is definitely going to treat women with respect.
This teen heartthrob as the rumor goes told one of his closest friends named Kim Kardashian that he was plans to make a visit to Lindsay Lohan once she has settled into her new jail cell at The Zsa Zsa Gabor Prison that is for Women in the city of Los Angeles. Justin also made a confession that he has always had a thing for women older than himself such as the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Kim Kardashian, the beautiful Taylor Swift, and also Lilo Lohan.
Bieber’s upbringing took place in a small community of the Stratford area situated in Ontario that is around a couple of hours west of Toronto. He used to play hockey with his friends and privately enjoy singing. After he came second in a local idol competition and then posted a video of himself winning that contest online that things changed for him. That is all it took for him to go from being an unknown individual to becoming the cover boy for almost all the teen magazines that are published. He recently went on to release his second music album, that is titled “My World 2.0.” To see justin bieber live shows buy cheap justin bieber tickets and enjoy his musical and rocking concerts,