In the country of Japan, Saigo Takamori is also called as the "last samurai"—that is his eventual quixotic rebellion against the modernization of the Meiji imperial government in whose establishment he had played an instrumental role in, had been the basis of the Tom Cruise starrer movie of the same name.
The Samurai swords come in numerous different shapes and sizes. The Blade lengths vary from sword to sword and so does the material that is used for both the handle and also its wrapping. You will notice all kinds of materials from hardwood handles and leather wraps to solid metal guards’ etc. Hence each sword has its own look and feel. Several of the Samurai blades are made up of stainless steel, but when buying one you should go out for the ones that come with a heat tempered finish. In this regard the high carbon steel blades are much popular.
Some of the collectibles that should be considered are the Kill Bill swords, the Last Samurai Japanese Katana, the 40 plus inches Red Kendo Wooden Bokken Practice and the Dragon Samurai set to name a few. The handmade and the very practical Musashi Samurai Katana is also much popular. All of the aforementioned swords are quite reasonably priced especially if you buy them online. Their quality and beauty will surely enhance your display area and be a significant inclusion in your collection.
Standing at around six feet and weighing close to almost 200 pounds he had a more powerful impact as compared to the actor Ken Watanabe, who has portrayed his character in the Hollywood film. He had been considered a monster back in the 19th century in Japan. In addition to his imposing physical appearance, he had a very intense look in his eyes and a piercing gaze that was a reflection of not only his character but also his philosophy of being an uncompromising man of action.
Several of the samurai bokken swords are considered as synonymous with the katana owing to their relative weight and size. The usage of this kind of sword helps you in mastering not only the handling but also the balancing of a real katana.
It mostly comes in a blade with the length around 30 inches. The sword itself is around 40 inches overall. It is made up of solid red oak hardwood and it comes with a tsuba (roughly translated as the sword hand guards) and also a rubber stopper. The handles of these swords are carefully wrapped up in cords like the original katana blades are. The katana are specifically designed in such a way that they are perfect for fighting in the close quarters. Get your last samurai sword before they sold out.