The character of Princess Zelda is shown as becoming to the royal family of Hyrule, and is shown as wearing beautiful long dresses with a crown/tiara. In some of the games, Zelda gets kidnapped, and then the character of Link has to save her. Then there is the game titled 'Ocarina of Time', in which Zelda is shown as possessing magical powers and she transforms from herself in to the character of 'Sheik.' In these games she assists Link in his quest of defeating Ganon.
The zelda sword is definitely one of my all time favorite games owing to its unique element that has made it stand out from all the other games in the respective genre. The graphics of the aforementioned game had been great on the Gameboy Advance and the ability for the Link to shrink himself in order to gain access to some areas had been an interesting addition and feature of this game. In spite of the fact that both the game play and the dungeons had been quite similar to the ones that had already been shown on the other games, it did not feel repetitive. The game begins with you playing in a festival, and then somebody steals the enchanted sword and thus the entire humanity is threatened and under danger. It is up to Link to get the sword back. He has a hat that allows shrinks him to shrink himself so that he can visit some areas such as the tiny towns that are inhabited by Picouri.
The sword is shown as being mounted on a wall plaque where the dragon. Much emphasis has been laid on both the dragon and the handle of the sword. The later is a double edged stainless steel blade that is very detailed, and in spite of not being sharpened, it gives the looks of slicing through someone as if they were butter.
This is whatís in store for you when you purchase this 32 Inch Dragon Sword Plaque that comes with a Death Cobra Handle. You get to keep the sword that has a 22 inch long blade. You also get to keep the dragon wall mounting plaque. All the pieces are quite detailed and are originally designed artworks that come in several bright colors. In fact the best thing about them is that these pieces are affordable and fall within everybodyís price range. The range starts from (us dollar48.75) onwards that is almost 24% off the manufacturer's list price.
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess has won quite a few numbers of awards and has won the RPG. This Wii game has bagged several game awards in the current year. The graphics are very nice.