Justin Bieber is without doubt much annoyed owing to the circulation of the rumors about his mother named Pattie Lynn Malette thinking about the Playboy magazine's offer to pose topless in a sexy spread. Post the denial by his mother regarding this false report, the pop sensation has also talked about this matter through his Twitter account. He stated there that his mom is a woman with morals and that he had been quite disgusted with the rumor and it had just grossed and freaked him out. This message had been tweeted by this 16-year-old singer on Tuesday, 29th of June. Other than that he also took this chance to faux several other reports about him, one of them being that he is dead. He said that he is not dead and that though he had check on this one but the result is that hes alive.
Several days ago the celebrity blogger named Zack Taylor gave a report that Justin's 34-year-old mother as has been aforementioned had been offered a sum of 50,000 dollar in order to strip off her clothes in front of the camera for the magazine Playboy. But this rumor had been quickly denied by Pattie Lynn herself. She also took it as far as Twitter she upgraded her status saying "PLAYBOY!? Heavens No, HELL NO! Heavens AND Hell NO!"
Anyways Justin Bieber has recently made the revelation that he is not going to spend his very first million bucks on either a car or ladies, but instead he will be spending it on his mum.Buy cheap Justin Bieber tickets and see him live in his shows and rocking performances.