The popular music band that is Aerosmith has been Sending out Mixed Signals, and it is a top story. You can see it here again: The latest mystery regarding the famous music band named Aerosmith is that if or if not they will be recording a new studio album. The Lead guitarist for the band named Joe Perry has not been of much help in solving the mystery as he has been giving conflicting answers in different interviews that had been done with him.
As we had already reported during the last week, Perry has told the Guardian, that a few years earlier fans would have wanted more records like their old music albums but it seems that has all fallen off and suddenly new material does not seem that important any more. He further said that they had been making music for such a long time that he does not want to top the songs he had written or co-written and to him it felt like Leonardo Da Vinci trying to paint Madonna all over again. And why would he want to paint that again?"
But in another interview that Perry did with the he stated that the respective music band will be probably going into the studios sometime soon (around the holidays) to make their best music record to date. They admitted that the current year had been quite rough for the South Florida Aerosmith fans.Buy cheap Aerosmith tickets and enjoy his live musical shows.