Post the summer theater run that Carlos Santana had with Steve Winwood, Carlos Santana tickets have made yet another comeback to Las Vegas for yet another round of the popular tour that is titled "Supernatural Santana: A Trip Through the Hits" shows. Santana is a guitar legend and has also been honored with an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fam. He has been signed on to give a performance in more than thirty five shows annually.
Santana gives a performance with the same crew that has been playing with him for the past many years. The crew members include Karl Perazzo (who is assigned to the timbales), Benny Rietveld (who plays the bass), Dennis Chambers (who is the drummer for his band), Andy Vargas (who gives the vocals) and Tony Lindsay (who also gives the vocals) to name a few.
Some of the other band members are Tommy Anthony (who plays the rhythm guitar), Jeff Cressman (who is assigned on the trombone), Bill Ortiz (who plays the trumpet) and last but not the least Freddie Ravel (who plays the keyboards). The respective shows will take place on a set that has been designed by the very talented team that designed Madonna's "Sticky & Sweet" tour that had been given in the last year.
Other than this, this Las Vegas performance also comprises of a wide range of songs that have been compiled from throughout Santana's whole career. Some of these tracks are the popular "Oye Como Va," the hit "Black Magic Woman" and the unforgettable "Maria Maria," to name a few. Buy cheap carlos Santana tickets ,discount Santana carlos tickets,Santana cheap tickets,Santana broadway tickets.