Rihanna is a popular singer and a songwriter who has had immense fan following. A big screen that is erect right in front of the O2 stage has a message written on it that says that When Rihanna goes to sleeps all the dreams that she has become real. Post the year that she spent in private pain and much public suffering, it is not surprising that she is happy living in her fantasy world. But what is a surprise is that the nature of the respective R&B star's album titled netherworld is quite frenetic. Like her intro music puts is that "Welcome to the madhouse."
Over the past few years, Rihanna has had a complete transformation from the new comer Rihanna who was more like a baby Beyoncé into the Rihanna of today who has emerged as a pop diva. She has had much success after she changed her image. Rihanna now supports a completely new attire that is mostly composed of a scanty and sparkling clothes. When she makes an appearance in her famous one-legged cat-suits they leave little to the imagination and even her props that she uses in her songs fail to hide the multiple personalities which muddle her music.
Apart from her several hits that mostly belong to the R&B genre, it is basically just the ballads titled “Take a Bow” and “Unfaithful” which bring out the real Rihanna. Her voice is very soothing to the ears and it seems that the 21-year-old is finally at peace when she is singing. you can buy cheap rihanna tickets ,*****na tickets at discount, rihanna musical broadway tickets.