I'm looking at a new computer to buy, something to have a play around with and maybe for a few games.

A work mate is selling the following for 200, i'm not sure weather its worth the money though so I am just asking for advice here as you lot obviously know a lot more then I do.

Just wondering if it would be able to run a few games normally with it being a 64 bit processor (Ie vice city, san andreas)

Also the video card is up to 300 odd mb, is this good, as its on board?


It is an AMD Athlon 64 5000
2 GB Ram
400 GB HD
The Gfx card is inbuilt and can run as much as 384 mb I believe but takes this from the system memory
Windows XP
Dual Layer DVD rewriter
19 LG widescreen monitor
Keyboard mouse etc, etc