Hello Everyone
I'm Mahdi from Iran, I'm a member here since PIPS was broken. Because I was a PIPEster (Pipe member). But I didn't post a lot here. I just tracked it. Now I no longer think about it. Life is going on!
Recently I was reviewing Rolclub and thought that it might be a good Idea to ask people opinion here about investing in Iran. I live in Iran and I'm more aware than everyone on rolclub that Iran is not best Idea for investing due to its bad economy. But it depends on where you invest!! For example, many of people had made huge money by investing on property from around 1995 up to now. They made their money double or tripled in one year. That's a pity that I was not mature enough at that time to invest on this subject. (I was born in 1982)
Anyhow there are still a lot of ways to make huge money here if you have some money. The easiest and most secure way is investing in banks. Interest rate for investing for a month is about 9% and for 5 year is about 18.5% annually. doesn't it sound good? you can refer to Saman bank website to discover it.
ANd I'm still thinking about ways to make money double in a year. So please let me know is anybody interested in this thread?
My Idea is running a business here and collecting funds and invest them in a secure field, then return your interest and keep a little as my wage. Plesae discuss how to make you confident on it, how to show my sincerity, and anything about this subject.
April 26, 2010