We provide Complete VoIP Software Solution both Server side application as well as Client side application ( Softphone ) in a complete package for your VoIP business in single platform, Ideally suited for ITSP telecom business with low investment and ready to start business. Our product has been tested and using by over 300 clients and our excellent 24 hours technical support by Phone/email/chatting help our clients to make their business successful.

Products Includes: Wholesale VoIP business, Retail Calling Card Solution, Pc2Phone, IPPhone2Phone, Device2Phone, Callback ( Web, ANI, SMS, e-mail ), IPPBX System, and SIP Softphone with VPN.

Protocol Supports : SIP, H323.

Billing Server ( Admin, Resellers, Customers ), Prepaid/Post Paid supports, Online Shop, IVR management, LCR Management, DID Management, Invoice Management.


1. IVR :- Customize the IVR rapidly, chose to play Balance, Time to call, Intro prompt, etc... , Top-up account via IVR menu
2. Recording of all calls
3. Speed Dial
4. LCR(Least cost routing) & LCD (Least Cost Dialling)
5. Trunk/voip-provider management
7. Monthly & Daily reporting
8. Earnings calculation and markup/margin on report
9. Export report to PDF & CSV
10. Invoice generation and Email to customers Automatically
11. Web based, DID & CID based Call Back
12. Calling Card PIN based
13. Call-back triggered through multiple routing servers
14. Online Payment System ( Check the Customers balance; see Refills made, payment received, amount to pay ) through Paypal, Authorize.net and Moneybooker
15. DID Sales
16. Peak and Off-Peak Rates
17. Profit and Loss ( Admin, Agent )
18. Email activation to verify customer email address
19. DB backup/restore tool
20. Comprehensive CDR and ASR reporting


1. Customized Sin and company logo on top
2.Multipul Line
3.Call Conference
4.Call Recording
5. Hold / Unhold
6. Transfer (Xfer)
7. DND (Do not Disturb)
8. Redial
9. Auto accept call
10. NAT/Firewall support
11. STUN server Support
12. ICE Support
13. Codec Supported :- G729, G723, G711 u, G711 a, GSM,
14. Silence Suppression
15. Echo Cancellation
16. Balance display
17. Call timer
18. Address Book

****** Dialer for ******* :

1. Customized Skin and company name
2. Unlimited user license
3. Call Status Indicator
4. Save / Edit Username & Password
5. Codec supported: g711,GSM
6. ******* (S60 third edition)


  • A highly scalable softswitch with integrated billing
  • Class 5 features included
  • A Calling card platform with IP IVR including pin or pinless scenarios
  • A Callback solution supporting all types of triggering methods, e.g. SMS, missed call, web call back
  • Web callshop interface
  • Web self-care portal for end users and support for Online payments
  • SMS features for both wholesale and retail services, using http, SIP and SMPP protocols
  • ****** SIP for *******, Windows ****** and ****** users; all features are integrated with VoIP tunneling
  • Windows ************ with Instant Messaging, SMS, voicemail, sip calling and many other modules
  • Multi-tenant, multi-user IP PBX platform