Love is Like “Missed Call”..
It Stops When U Try2catch.
But Friendship is like “SMS”
Bcoz it Comes & Stays Inside Ur Inbox
Until U delete it.
So Its Upto U 2 Keep & Value Your Friend!

We are best friends…
You Think i am best,
i Think u are best,
You Think i am funny,
I Think u are funny,
You Think i am cute,
intelligent, sweet,
I Think
atleast this tim
You are right.

Fact Every thing is fair in Love & War.
But i suggest u should do war & Never LOve.
Becos in war either u live or die.
But in love niether u Live nor u Die!

True Love Isn’t When
The Heart Beats The Fastest
Or The Strangest
When It Beats No More
The Love Is Still There

Everyone has a BEST FRIEND
during each stage of life,
But Only lucky ones have
the same friend in all stages of life

Cute Sms Messages