HI, for the past 2 years my dad and I have been trying to do internet marketing and i've been trying to do Hyips and stuff but cant find a way to fund my LR account. But this isnt about hyips. MY dad has spent thousands of dollars on this stuff for me to learn..and i've learnt it the only problem i dont have the time to put all this into play. So heres what i'm doing................. I'm giving my ebook away TO EVERYONE at Rolclub because you arethe first money making a club i signed up for...so ALL MEMBERS better contact me for your free book I was selling it for $7 bucks and wanted to sell it for 15 but for you guys.. COMPLETELY FREE ... most of the stuff in the book is FREE TO DO... however i threw in 5 bonus steps which include spending money..but the first 5 steps are free to do. SO contact me and unless my settings are wrong I should be able to knwo you commented on this or private messaged me and I'll get back to you with in a day ----look forward to helping all of you start making it... OH and part of the reason im givng it away for free is because I'll use ur testimonial when i go to Phase 2..and actually sell this product for ALL to have access to.... sad thing is all of you are going to be richer than me when were ready for those testimonials lol...but hey I like giving.

ONCE AGAIN I"M SERIOUS TOTALLY FREE i wotn even send you a link to a page for you to buy from I can send u the link so you can read my pitch page..however I'd prefer just to sling my PDF file to your email :) --oh and if you give me ur email I MAY email it from time to time to inform you of the progress of phase 2 and possibly include advertisements inthem but dont worry EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS IN THE SYSTEM - AND ITS TOTALLY FREE

Do you guys understand yet?
FREE:) so contact me or comment _ I'm doing this to get a good following and make you money AND get some good comments on my SYSTEM ...and to say screw you to all the marketers that charge you 400 to 1000 for their systems:) ...

ALL OF YOU GET IT! ..MODERATOR ..repost this so everyone listens...

Thanks guys,