I woke up today with a heavy heart…I know we have been struck by online and in my case offline venture disaster one after another. It seems like there is no hope with the situation that we are in right now. With the recent disaster again that happened yesterday In our country one gets to realize how, We are more fortunate that the others and make us realize to count the blessings that we have. I remember How I experienced personally the big heartedness of the members of PIPS when the disaster hit our country December of 2004, who would ever forget how the members have reached out and we were able to help some 1,500 affected people Christmas of that year. That has always been the essence of PIPS, to reach out and be there for others..I have been so thankful for this program that I had met friends from around the world and that is priceless…With the recent disaster in Southern Leyte thousands of families are affected and hundreds of children still missing and a lot has been feared to be buried alive, I know that we are all hard up at this time but I appeal for and in behalf of them. Just a dollar or two maybe this won’t mean a thing to you but in our country that could already buy rice and noodles. I am setting up an egold account for this and whoever would like to share even a bit please do so. Time is of essence here. Will put the running amount of donations gather and pls. Put your username in memo line so could account for you. Remember i am only appealing for whatever you can,
Thank you in advance for your generosity…

e-gold no. 2883787 username (helpfund)