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    Default I'm new and want to help and hope to be helped.

    name is Heather and I’m pretty new to this stuff but eager to learn.

    Hope I can also be of service to others here as I continue this journey.

    My goal is to quit my j.o.b. here in San Diego and work from my
    As I travel the world…

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    Welcome to the forum Heather and bonne chance in your quest.
    Its a minefield out here so be very careful where you invest
    any dollars. Most opportunities do get an airing on this forum
    so do check the listings, and ask any participating members
    for some advice before taking a "risk".
    I tramped europe many years ago on a shoestring, but in those
    days there were plenty of haystacks for a nights kip and many farms
    would give, rather than sell, food to get by. Also there was plenty
    of part time work available since many labour saving devices remained
    firmly in marrying a good woman :) and fruit and veg picking relied on
    whomever could be roped in from tourists and the local community.
    Hopping aboard cattle and goods trains was a piece of cake as was
    thumbing a lift. Alas, its all changed now and most drivers would rather
    flatten you than stop, whilst farmers will greet you at the gate with a shotgun!
    There is still fruit picking, but its seasonal work.
    Good luck :)

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