LMT Forex Formula was released on Today. I have had the priviledge of trading with the system for several weeks. It is a very promising system and great for new or struggling traders. Takes about 15-20 mins per day.

It isn't a robot, but a program that gives a signal when a potential trade exists. On the day chart you would only need to check your program once a day for trades. It can be used on any pair. I have it set up on the ten pairs that Dean (the designer) trades on.

I will start trading with a real money account this week and let you guys know how it goes. But my demo account has shown promising results.

Seems to be a solid program. Has anyone here tried it? Any reviews?

I also found this review to be useful : http://www.LMTForexFormulaReview.net

Their official site is : http://www.LMT-Forex-Formula.org

Jacob G.