Introducing ITV Leaders | The Home Agent Program

How Does It Work?
The Home Agent Program (HAP) is a unique concept that takes home business to a whole new level. HAP is designed to match consumers who want to purchase our products with IBO's who want to sell our products. HAP is like a virtual call center that allows any IBO to plug in and receive those live calls from TV Infomercials. This is done with software and technology that enables the company to deliver these calls right to the IBO at his/her home office. These calls are the same calls they have been generating for the last 7 years and routing into a call center. Now the calls are routed to Home Agents that are plugged in to the same system from their home.
One uniqueness of this design is that the HAP Participant, or IBO (You), is not just paid for the order that they take on the initial phone call from a prospective customer. That customer becomes your personal customer for life. Therefore, any time that customer makes a purchase from ITV, you receive a commission on the sale. You're not looking at pennies per minute or a flat one-time commission. You make a generous 35-50% of retail each and every time any of your customers buy anything from ITV.


How Doba can help you

Doba provides a place where suppliers can list their product inventory, and you can find items to sell. These different suppliers will drop ship products right to your customers, so you never have to handle or ship products. If you’re a retailer looking for products to sell we have a service package that will work for you.
Doba connects you to 75 wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and craftsmen in one place. When you sign up, you gain full access to all the drop ship wholesalers and their wholesale product catalogs.
  • Search and find products in one place.
  • List products from one place.
  • Order products from one place.
  • Track your product orders in one place.
That one place is Doba.

New wholesale suppliers added every week

Doba adds about five new wholesale suppliers or manufacturers every week. A steady offering of new suppliers add enormous value to your Doba membership:
  • You don't find these suppliers yourself.
  • You don't set up new accounts with each and every one.
  • You don't learn new ordering processes.
  • You don't negotiate pricing & fees with each supplier.
  • With Doba, you have an easy-to-use website and ordering system.
I am going to take a chance to invest with these two companies!