Hello Friends,and fellow ROLCLUB MEMBERS. ,

It`s official. The big Grand Opening for E4L.BIZ is happening this month. We are getting lined up and ready to go. The great part about that is, until that takes place, you can still get in for free. No one knows the exact date. We do know that it will take place at any moment. Do not let another minute go by. Get in for free now.

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E4L is going to be the biggest thing to hit the market ever. You have heard of Block Buster, Magic Video and Net Flix, well, soon you will see E4L.BIZ advertised all over television and national magazines and will be seen all over the world. We will have entertainment products at a tremendous savings and if you play your cards right, so to speak, you can even get products for free. You will see what I mean. We will have products such as just released DVD`s for $12.95 or less, depending on the deals we can get at the time. The greater the number of members, the better the deals and we are pushing 89,000. When the doors open and members start coming in, we will see numbers in the millions. We are off to a great start. Come on in and be a part of it, right now, for FREE.

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