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    Default Winterhyip

    This is paying hyip.

    Admin form MMG forum: TnyURL

    "I would like to announce the launch of a new site. WinterHYIP.Net This first post is going to be rather large, but I feel its needed so people actually know what the site is about before signing up.

    Its starting to get cold outside, the nights are drawing in, the dawn frost is harsh, and the need to find a nice warm home is very important during the winter. Winter HYIP is here for the fall, allowing the possibility to get out of the cold and warm yourself up with some nice profits. After a hard days work, there's nothing better than going home, sitting in front of a warm hot fire with a hot drink and investing with Winter HYIP to pass away the cold long nights.

    We wont make any promises but if used correctly this little site can run for a fair amount of time, through the winter period. However this can only be achieved if the formula to a successful site is followed. We all know how these games works, and the formula to make any site a success is PROMOTION + REINVEST = SUCCESS. If your looking for a one cycle site, please go else where. We are only after members who will fully support it and help with the growth.

    The promotion part can be carried out by both the members and Winter HYIP. Make sure we ALL post in forums, vote on monitors and try hard to let others know about the site. The reinvest part of the formula can only be performed by YOU the members. When you cycle and receive the payment, place a little back into the site, as this will sustain the life allowing new members to join, allowing more people to profit. We all know that the only reason people play these games are for profit, but by using the success formula you can make a larger profit during the cold spell.

    Two Plans

    20% Daily for 6 Days
    150% AFTER 7 Days

    Upto 7% referral

    The last few weeks have been utter chaos for the average HYIP player. Sites get launched and vanish after a few days, not allowing members to play the game, and the site to develop. The whole HYIP playing field has changed over the last 12 months, and many players seem to be confused with what a HYIP site is. The term HYIP stand for High Yield Investment Program, and this is where the confusion starts. 99% of the HYIPS out there are NOT Investment programs and these sites DO NOT invest any money to bring in returns to the members. Popular forums such as MMG and TG list hundreds of HYIPS under there threads, including Winter HYIP. These programs must be treated as a game. In a game there are winners and there are losers. This means some people will profit (win) and some will lose money (Lose).

    How sites like Winter HYIP work is very easy to understand to the vast amount of people. Members join, and deposit into a plan of there choice. All the money deposited is pooled together into several online accounts. When members request a payment from the site, the funds are sent from the pool of money. So its very easy to see how some people profit and some people lose. If you have read this and fail to understand how these sites work, please move on. You should not use them.

    As the admin of Winter HYIP I too need to try to make a profit. After all I have paid for things like, domain names, hosting, design etc etc and will spend many hours working on the site during its life. Therefore like most of the admins who run sites like this, I will take a small cut of all funds deposited, as this money will be mine. How Winter HYIP will work is simple. I will take 5% of all the funds being paid out, and I will keep it. So for example, if someone wanted to request a $100 payment, I would take $5, and I would pay $95 to the user. Again the 5% payment being paid to me will be coming from the same pool of money.When the site closes, and I say 'When', as they all do there will not be any refunds. Refunding people will not be possible as the funds in the Pool is empty and therefore there is no money left to refund anyone.

    So how is this site going to be different. Well, to put it simple its going to be run fair. However to make this site a success both the members and I will have to work hard. The success of any site is easy, and it is worked on a basic forumla, that being PROMOTION + REINVEST = SUCCESS.

    Some people might know me from another site I run. That being ByTheSecond which is a site completely coded by myself. It was launched to test the script out and to find out what the members think. That site is doing well and I have met lots of good friends, and yes one day it will close just like Winter HYIP will. I will be happy to know though that it was always ran fair. As stated above I have met alot of good friends while running BTS and I have spoken to some of them over the last few days and listened to what they have had to say about the current HYIP Playground. The majority of the views was that something needed to be done asap otherwise there would not be a HYIP playground anymore for them to take the risk and profit.

    One of the main people to voice there opinion has been NothingGirl. She has been totally let down by some of the sites over the last few weeks. She has fully supported me while I have been in MMG since August, and during the bad times I had a few weeks ago. As one of my hobbies is PHP I have other sites that I need to work on (TnyURL, IMGRack + others in production) and of course still perform the admin tasks for ByTheSecond. Therefore NothingGirl will act as the role of Thread Leader/Moderator. Her role will simply be to help the members that may ask questions that are not covered in the Rules or FAQ. I too will be here.

    Obviously NothingGirl is going to be reading this thread often and at sometimes going out of her way to make posts to others when she could be doing something else. Therefore I am paying her a very very small fee for her time. This fee is very small and only runs into 2 figures, so please do not start thinking she is earning a fortune. She has the same thoughts as me regarding the current state of the HYIPs and is also her to try to make money, therefore a small payment is valid. She has no responsibility for payments, support requests, access to admin panel, access to e-gold accounts or access to any data regarding the members.

    So I believe that covers the majority of the issues. Will this site work? I don't know. If the members want to make it a success then it will be. If they don't and want the HYIP scene to continue its downward spiral or try there luck in another site then so be it.

    Before anyone signs up, please take some time to read the RULES and the FAQ.

    So other than that, I would like to welcome you all to WinterHYIP"


    Started Nov 3, 2006
    Running days 5
    Total accounts 192
    Total deposited $ 3,834.58
    Visitors online 204
    Members online 5
    Last update Nov 8, 2006

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