Evest Club is a private club. We are during Forex trading everyday by experienced traders. We now offers you excellent opportunity to increase your assets and obtain financial freedom.

Our trading technique:
Your funds are 100% put into trading and we will close it after getting 1-1.5% profit. This percentage is low risk for long term.

We will try our best to make your money safe, and let your money grow steadily.

We now start to launch our program.

To promote our program, we offer you 3% bonus back to your egold account if you make deposite before 31/Oct/2006.

Because we launch our program on today (Tuesday), so we allow you to invest before tomorrow (18 Oct 2006) GMT+0 12.00pm and you will get your 1st payment on this Saturday if you invest on time.

We have two plan.
Weekly plan -3-5% weekly profit
Monthly plan -20-25% monthly profit

View our website for more information