This is one I am playing with at the moment.....just to past the time and add a few bucks to my egold while I am waiting for some of my others to pay. And it does pay INSTANTLY....none of this waiting for them to process it from your backoffice.....which usually never happens....LOL

Golden Autumn with megaSEprofits !

September-November 2006:
All New Members receive $1.00 of E-Gold Just for Joining!

They will pay you $1 when you spend for any of the plans, when I joined I got $1 and $0.25 as profit which was paid instantly on my request. So risk is only $.75.

megaSEprofits is not only a way to get just one dollar,
it's a way of making lots of E-Gold and getting it every day!

Don't leave your 1 Dollar waiting for you, go take it, and learn how to make E-Gold every day.
My link is in my sig.....for anyone that wants to play.