1. Trading accounts, opened after 3/01/2010, are allowed to participate in the campaign. The floating bonus amount for trading accounts, opened during the period 15.10.2009 - 31.12.2009, is 25%.
2. Every client has a right to receive the bonus in the amount of 30% of his/her deposit on a trading account with InstaForex.
3. The 30% Bonus can not be credited to an account, which is already credited with a bonus of another type. For getting the 30% Bonus it is necessary to open a new account. The number of account for the 30% Bonus for each client is not limited.
4. Client has a right to get the 30% bonus each time he/she deposits a trading account.
5. Client agrees, that each time he/she withdraws money from a trading account after receiving the 30% Bonus the company cancels a part of the bonus proportionate to the withdrawal amount. The total sum of canceled bonus can not exceed the size of credited bonus.
6. Identification information is not requested while applying for the 30% Bonus. But the company reserves the right to request identification documents at company’s own discretion.
7. The 30% Bonus can be withdrawn only after BUY or SELL deals are completed. The total volume of the deals must be equal to X*3 InstaForex lots, where X=the total volume of received bonuses. Any profit made over the bonus amount can be withdrawn without any restrictions.
8. The Company reserves the right to cancel the 30% bonus without prior warning, so we strongly recommend not to use bonus funds in calculation of profit in your trading strategy. The Company is not responsible for any consequences of bonus cancellation, including Stop Out, because bonus is the ownership of the Company until trader works it out by opening deals of total volume specified in the item 5 of the present Agreement.*
9. In case bonus value is over 2000 USD and more than 10% of deals are made with less than 0.01 market lot (0.1 InstaForex lot, i.e. 1 point is approximately equal to 0.10 USD), the bonus can be reduced to 1000 USD. In case bonus value is over 10000 USD and more than 10% of deals are made with less than 0.1 market lot (1 InstaForex lot, i.e. about 1 USD for point), the bonus can be reduced to 3000 USD.
*The point 8 is directed to prevent unscrupulous usage of the bonus surcharge system, but its employment does not mean that all accounts, for which the company cancelled the bonuses received earlier, are declared as violated any rule, because in some cases it is impossible to determine the fact of the rule’s violation unambiguously. Probability of the erroneous cancellation of the bonus within the struggle against unscrupulous usage of the bonus surcharge system does not exceed 10%.