FXOpen is pleased to announce FX Market ******* a monthly trading contest for demo accounts.

FX Market ******* is a monthly contest for demo accounts. The competition will start on August 01, 2011 at 22:35 FXOpen server time (GMT+3 during DST) and end on August 26, 2011 at 22:35 FXOpen server time. All participants must close their positions by this time.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Anyone can participate
  2. Initial deposit $ 5000, leverage 1:100
  3. Minimum transaction size 0.1 lot, maximum transaction size 1 lot
  4. Maximum limit on open trades 5 open trades at the same time (including pending orders)
  5. Minimum 50 participants
  6. Competition starts on 18.07.2011
  7. Competition ends on 12.08.2011 at 22:36 (ForexCup time)
  8. Expert advisors are not allowed.

The registration will start on 18.07.2011 and will end on 31.07.2011 at 22:30 (ForexCup server time).

The top 10 traders will be awarded real money prizes (the total prize money is $ 1000).
  • 1st place - $350
  • 2nd place - $200
  • 3rd place -$100
  • 4th place - $50
  • 5th place - $50
  • 6th place - $50
  • 7th place - $50
  • 8th place - $50
  • 9th place - $50
  • 10th place - $50

How Do I sign Up?

1. To sign up for the Competition, you need a LIVE account with FXOpen. To register a LIVE account, please, go to http://forexcup.cabinet.fxopen.com/r...spx?Culture=en

2. Go to http://forexcup.com/Authenticated/Ma...d-7945c76fbd1f and log on to ForexCup. Use the E-mail, that you registered with your FXOpen account as Login and the MyFXOpen password as Password (login and password for ForexCup and MyFXOpen are the same). It is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. The registration page may not be displayed correctly in Opera or other browsers.

You may receive an invitation for the competition from other traders or the administrator. Click Accept to join the competition or Decline to reject the invitation. Please, note that you can still take part in the competition without an invitation. An invitation is not mandatory.

3. Scroll down the page that opens until you find the Members list. Click + to add yourself on the list of Members. Then click OK.

4. Make sure you see your name in the list of participants.

5. Then scroll a little bit up and click Save and Accept to confirm your choice.

6. Select the check box I agree , then click OK to accept the Competition Rules.

6. Save or write down your Competition Demo account info. You will see the following details:

Competition Name: FX Market ******* august
Subscription Name: ROOM 1
Login: (demo account number)
Password: (password)
Server Address: competition.fxopen.com:443
Pin Code: (PINCODE)

8. Access to your account will be available starting from 31.07.2011 at 22:40 FXOpen server time.

Competition Rules:
FXOpen CRM - Rules of Organizing Competitions - FXOpen CRM Knowlege Base

Trader's Guide:
FXOpen CRM - Page User Guide for Traders (level 1) - FXOpen CRM Knowlege Base