The Wild Card Gold 7 Oct 2009

Wednesday, 7 Oct 2009
Attention Turns to Crude Oil Before Inventory Data

With the US Dollar's future feeling uncertain, attention seems to have turned towards Crude Oil following speculation that the Gulf States recently discussed dropping the USD for oil trading in exchange for a basket of currencies. While the rumor was denied later by Gulf State leaders and foreign ministers, the impact created a moment for pause in the market. As a result, many are now focusing their attention on today's Crude Oil Inventories report to find out where the relative level of demand for the commodity currently stands to gauge if these rumors have any substance behind them.

The Wild Card

The recent upward movement of this commodity's price has pushed its technical indicators into a corrective posture. The 4-hour and daily Slow Stochastic are showing bearish crosses and the 4-hour RSI has the price floating near the highest level of the over-bought territory, suggesting very strong downward pressure. Forex traders involved in the commodities market will not want to miss out on the apparently obvious downward movement that this commodity is expecting!