Trading opportunities are improved by a rise in volatility. The market fluctuates continuously which generates a positive mood for a great upward trend. However, there is also the possibility for significant losses if measures are not taken. When the market is volatile, adjustments regarding trading strategies need to be applied as the markets are uncertain. Read the advice below about trading in volatile markets.
Helpful advice for trading in volatile markets
1. Trade selections
Volatility of the market can cause one to take the risk in order to derive profits. Unprofessional traders can make a bad decision by making incorrect trading selections. If there are trading opportunities to gain a profit in a fluctuating market, there is also the possibility of acquiring losses. Do not place too many trades, but take into consideration the level of risk. It is important to consider financial and psychological levels of risk tolerance.
2. Trade with smaller trade positions
Leverages affect trading largely when the market is volatile. The degree of leveraging and position sizing should be considered even if you have the margin of 1% or half percent. Trade with an average of 1 lot position instead of 2 lot position since the possible loss of 100-200 pips can be made .

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