FXB Trading is reaching out to money managers and introducing brokers (IB) in online trading with a partnership opportunity that will take your revenue to the next level, and which can expand your business beyond the scope of its current limits.

Our highly successful business model also accommodates affiliate managers and investors who are looking for a vehicle that will provide a new revenue stream without the need for any hands-on involvement in online trading itself.

FXB Trading’s rise in the online trading industry has been a qualified success with exceptional growth achieved in this highly competitive $5 trillion industry over a relatively short period of time. Our success has been underpinned by a formula that combines unbeatable spread prices and industry leading commission rates combined with a support package that is more than a match for anyone in the industry.

Part of our growth has been as a result of partnering with individuals who are looking to grow their networks but need someone who can provide the expertise, tools and incentives necessary to accelerate their own growth.

At FXB Trading, our business model is broad enough to accommodate simple ‘Refer a Friend’ partnerships (which yield $250 per referral) to fully established white labels that have reached their potential in their current guise and are now ready to benefit from new support and marketing services.
FXB is able to provide partners with branded education programmes encompassing webinars, seminars, workshops and events which will maximise your existing traders’ volume and attract new clients.

The FXB model is also able to accommodate investors who are simply looking for a vehicle that can give them a return on the investment without the need to be involved in the day-to-day running of a brokerage.

Wherever you are in the online trading lifecycle, FXB Trading offers a partnership package that can take your revenue beyond its current level and onto a growth path that exploits the full potential of your business.

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