FXB trading have introduced Skrill as a payment method for funding and withdrawing from your account. If you already have a Skrill account, you’ll be aware that Skrill is an international electronic wallet that you can maintain in your local currency and fund by transferring funds from your bank account, cheque, credit/debit cards or via alternative payment methods available in your country.

You can use Skrill for secure online purchases without worrying about disclosing your credit card information. It’s a safe and efficient online payment method that does not require its users to send payment information every time they make a transaction.

The option to use Skrill is just one of many trusted, international payment service providers that are available to traders at FXB Trading.

How do I fund the Skrill account?

Please see Skrill’s fees for the list of funding methods available in your country as well as respective fees.

How can I make a purchase using Skrill?

Skrill is fully integrated via the ‘Deposit Methods’ screen. While in the members area, click on ‘Deposit Funds’, you will see an option to use Skrill. Please click on the ‘Select’ button located on the Skrill payment method.

You’ll be redirected to the ‘Payment Form’ page. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, check the privacy policy check box after reading it, then on the ‘Continue’ button.

The Skrill login screen will be displayed. Login and follow the on-screen instructions.

Skrill offers several ways to fund the deposit:

· Pay from your Skrill balance, or deposit money into your Skrill account, if you do not have sufficient funds
· Pay via bank transfer (which may take 2-3 days)
· Use a credit/debit card

Once you have made your selection, the site will guide you through the remaining steps to transfer the funds to your trading account.

Please keep in mind that you have 10 minutes to complete the transfer. If you exceed this time, the transaction will timeout and any Skrill funds you attempted to transfer will be returned to your Skrill account. You will need to start again by selecting Skrill from the ‘Deposit Methods’ screen.

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