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5YTP Explanation

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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 03, 2004 8:43 pm Post subject: 5YTP Explanation Reply with quote

5 Year Trust Plan is the correct answer! Here

This program however is, like everything in PI very different to the norm.

The program is a 5 year plan ONLY, so it does not matter whether you are 20 years old or 50, you WILL RETIRE in 5 years.

To PIPS members it is a set it and forget it, the initial payment is just US$175 plus a US$25 monthly premium, which will be automatically deducted from your PIPS account.

The cost to you will be just $1675 over 5 years or you can opt for a one time payment of US$1350 at the start, this option has additional benefits.

On retirement you will receive a LUMP SUM of US$87017.47, (there goes the mortgage), and a monthly income of US$9323.30 EVERY MONTH.

The program includes death and disability benefits, so no matter what happens, you and your family will always be looked after.

This is where it gets really interesting for the Corporates, unlike most plans where the company pays into the program for their employees, the PIPS plan also provides companies with an investment return for each employee that is available every month. This provides additonal cash flow for company investment and growth.

Corporations will earn as much as US$20,000 per employee over the 5 years, this makes the program very attractive for corporations.

Now this part is not going to be open to all members, although all members will be able to apply. Selected members, based on their background and abilities will be appointed as independent representatives to generate corporate business. The rewards here are tremendous US$2.00 per employee per month and exclusive rights to all employees worldwide for any company they bring in.

On the humanitarian aid front, 10% is built into the investment returns for aid programs, this is over and above the returns shown above. We have had and are continuing to have meetings with a United Nations NGO on this and all looks good.


The way it is being set up the risks are low, particularly with the one time payment option because that brings down the investment returns that are required to maintain the program.

How long does the $9323 per month run?
It goes on ad-infinitum, the lump sum payment represents a part of the funds in your account the rest remains in the fund and continues to generate investment returns for the monthly income.

Withdrawals from PIPS will be paid instantly into your PICPAY account.

You will only be able to opt for one option or the other. You will also only be able to have one plan, there are legal issues involved.

You must be of working age, exception custodial accounts will soon be available for children.

Everything we do is outside of the box and they work!
What it means is, most institutions are indoctrinated to conform to a particular formula or operational method that can be categorised and put in a box.

We look at things very differently and do not conform to these traditional methods. Of course everything is done within the boundaries of the law.

This is referred to as being outside the box.

Causes us some minor irritations sometimes because takes the authorities a little longer to work out whether we are within the regulations.

The PIPS plan is basically a combination of an insurance and a retirement fund, the contributions are invested and compounded over the 5 year period and beyond to ensure sufficient growth to maintain the retirement income.

We use 401k as a reference because most people understand it, but the plan because it is so different is not actually classified in that category. The working age limit is at the lower end, which is a legal restriction for what is basically an investment. So at 65 and above you will be able to participate, although the disablement benefit will not be applicable.

I would just like to clarify a few points on the strategic and business benefits of this program.

Firstly, to those that are making a comparison on the benefits of the 401k to the PIPS programs, I would say that you are missing the overall picture.

There are a number of benefits that every member will derive from this program, the primary one is the stability that is derived from assets, which is something this program provides.

We have, and I know it has been a bit of a bumpy ride, elevated PI above the internet stigma of the scams and loss making programs. It is now time to take the group to a different level in the corporate world, being a licensed 401 enables the group to be recognised as a serious financial institution.

Not all members of society are in the fortunate position that we all find ourselves in. Take the bottom end factory or assembly plant workers as an example:

1. Many are not computer literate
2. Most do not own a computer
3. Many do not have the foresight, ability or finances to get into a program like PIPS.
4. If they are unfortunate enough to sustain a disabling injury, they will then struggle for the rest of their lives on a meager disability pension.
5. If they, as the bread winner pass away, what happens to their family and dependents.

The PIPS 5YTP addresses all of these issues.

There are also no other 5YTP plans that I am aware of, that provide the benefits to the corporation that the PIPS plan does. As a corporation with a workforce of 1000 employees, in a 5 year period the plan will generate an additional US$20 Million for the company as free capital. Think of the impact on ALL areas of society, it enables the company to expand providing more jobs in society, reduces unemployment, reduces government support burdens, increases productivity and competitiveness and the list goes on .....

I know Gary, was having some informal discussions with the chairman of a corporation (current workforce in excess of 100,000 employees). Think about the impact of these types of groups coming in.

Differences between monthly plan and one-time payment
One of the core benefits is if you were unfortunate to have a disabling injury for instance.

Under the normal monthly program your disability benefit would be fixed from the month in which it occurred, if for exmple it happened in month 25 of your plan you would receive US$418.24 per month.

If you are on the full payment option your monthly benefit would continue to increase every month up to the maximum of US$9323.30 per month.

This also applies to the death benefits for your beneficiary, so you family would never have to worry.

As an individual you can take out your own personal plan, no problem.

5 Year Trust Plan Agent Application

To be an agent to promote this system not everyone will be able to join. He/She must apply for this position and state his/her capabilities of promoting 5YTP to the company and only once approved by the board can he/she go out and sell and benefit the commission earned.

As for corporates I do not know of any restrictions as to size or what so ever.

Corporates will have to wire transfer fund to start of a certain number of members.(employees) ones documentation and funds has been received and has complied with the 5YTP requirement the account will be activated and will be credited for number of emplyees they paid for. Employers can then create employee account one at a time or by mass or even call upon our new office staff for help.

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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
Posts: 1377

PostPosted: Wed Nov 03, 2004 9:20 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
Answers to Frequent Questions on the 5 Year Trust Plan

You do not need to be a member of any other program in order to join 5YTP.

The price is an initial 175 + 25 = 200, and thereafter 25 a month. Alternatively you can pay 1350 upfront.

An alternative would be to start with the 2% program, then use some of that money to pay for the 5YTP. That way you could potentially get cash more quickly.

Joining Rules

1. 5YTP Only allowed one member with one beneficiary.

2. No. The person should be 18 years old above. (Depends on the age matutiry of the country).

A scenario would be like the following;

If your spouse were to pass and you are the sole beneficiary, you could collect what is due on the spouse account. Those beneficiary payments will stop once the payments of your own account begin. So you may collect the payments on you spouses account for a number of years but as soon as your own account matures, the payments from your spouses account will stop.

Bottom line, each individual can only enter and receive benefits off one trust maximum. Being a benefactor or a corporation won't work to get you an extra entry into the trust.

3. No corporations can signup under the individual member plan. Corporations can signup their employees but one person can't have a corporate and individual trust.

4. You have to sign up first, then on the following page on the sign up form there is payment option (you have to pay online). Later, you may fax the certified true copy documents to us at +606-7996 6625.

5YTP Payments

Go to 5 Year Trust Plan Here and log in. One of the available functions is "clear balance" which allows payment.

See Agent Application in above post. You must meet specific guidlines to be a referrer of the 5YTP. See the 5YTP site for details. Here

To certify/notarize documents as true copy you can go to:

-Public Notary -Professional Bodies (public account, public lawyer, etc.)
-Embassy Just make a copy of the documents and get certify from these person.

You have to certify all the documents that we required as stated in our website. The purpose why members need to certified/notarize the related documents is to ensure that members are the genuine account holder and it's also a company policy.

Please fax the certified document. We will update your account.

Please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected].

Thank You.


PicTrust Limited.

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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
Posts: 1377

PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2004 9:57 am Post subject: Reply with quote
viknesh wrote:
Greetings Everyone,

Hello there. For your information, sign up for the 5 Year Trust Plan is open for everyone. There is not a necessary that you must a PIPS member to join the 5YTP.

Hello there. Kindly visit our website at http://www.pipstrust.com/main.php
And you may also visit our forum at http://forum.pipstrust.com/phpBB2/index.php
Please post your doubts and questions in 5YTP Forum.

Please do not hesitate to contact us as per below:

1. Ms. Asha - [email protected]. (Member Acount)
2. Ms. Deva - [email protected]. (General Payment)
3. Ms. Farah - [email protected]. (General Question)
4. Ms. Shariza - [email protected]. (Document Verification)
5. Mr. Syed - [email protected]. (Legal & Council)
6. Mr. Wan - [email protected]. (General Question)

We are awaiting here to assist you out there.
Thank you.


Ms.Viknesh Wink
Helpdesk Payment.
PicTrust Limited.

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Joined: 21 Mar 2004
Posts: 1377

PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 6:05 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
The address for PicTrust is:

PicTrust Limited,
(Incorporated in New Zealand, Correspondence Address),
PT7208, 2nd Floor,
Jalan BBN 1/2G,
Bandar Baru Nilai,
71800 Nilai,
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Tel : +606 - 799 6607/+606 - 799 6608/ +606 - 799 6609.
Fax : +606 - 799 6625.
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