New Potential Exchange)

1.Register and confirm email:
2.Chat bot:
Enter email,join their channels:twitter& FB are optional but you get more coins if you join.

You will receive COM within 30 days after the end of the airdrop.
You will receive it directly to your COM address on the exchange. We don’t need your ETH, BTC, … address to send you tokens.

Dispatch Airdrop
FREE 8000 DVY (40$)! DO NOT Miss.(High Potential Project with a dedicated team)

The Dispatch platform is best understood with its on-chain business logic combined with its off-chain data management with the Dispatch Virtual Machine tying it all together. The overall architecture gives entrepreneurs to enterprise the tools necessary to build fast, scalable and secure dApps with no transaction fees in one blockchain protocol. 415 USDG (415$)
Just sign up with email,confirm and need to do simple social tasks.

Particl Airdrop
Already on Exchange(1 Particl=0.00046BTC=$4)

Fill your email &click 'early access'&verify email.

FREE 25 AiBB coins worth $50! High Potential Project.
Simple Tasks.NO KYC!

Join telegram.
Just twitter&FB follow.
Download Very Simple android/ios App(Needs only 4 digit PIN)
(Need to copy/paste AiBe wallet address when asked for the address by the bot.)
AiBB is a All-In-One crypto application. It has/(will have) multitoken wallet, AI trading assistant, analytics, portfolio manager and crypto id. It has applications for both iOS and Android.

DAPPT Pre-Listing Airdrop | A 25,000,000 DAPPT Giveaway

To celebrate the big success of DAPPT sale, we are giving away 25,000,000 DAPPT worth $100,000 in the next 15 days (until June 13th, 2019 11:59 PM EST) prior to the $DAPPT exchange listing.

Here’s how to join the giveaway:
Visit’s Airdrop Page Here :
Provide your ETH address (NO EXCHANGE ADDRESS) and select your country.
Now you will get a unique code — Send the code to Telegram Group — Please do keep the “/” with the code and the code will disappear once you post it to the group, it means we’ve got your info (+60 DAPPTs)
After you have provided the code — you have to refresh the airdrop page to see the other tasks.
Follow’s Twitter & Retweet the message from the Dashboard + Tag 3 Friends (+60 DAPPTs)
Like’s Facebook & Share the message from the Dashboard + Tag 3 Friends (+60 DAPPTs)
Share your referral link and get 30–40 DAPPTs for each.
The reward of DAPPT will be sent to your ETH wallet 3 days after the airdrop ends.

Fuzion Exchange

Fuzion is airdropping 50 FZN (~$25) for easy tasks + 75 FZN (~$37.5) for optional tasks. Also earn 10 FZN (~$5) for each referral.
FZN is already listed on Fuzion Exchange.


1. Sign up on Fuzion Exchange

2. And verify email - 25 FZN (~$12.5)

3. Visit the Fuzion Airdrop form:
4. Join Fuzion Group and Channel& freeairdrop on Telegram.

5. Follow Fuzion and freeairdrop on Twitter.

6. Retweet Tweet.

7. You will get 50 FZN (~$25) tokens.

8. Also earn 10 FZN (~$5) for each referral.

9. You can check for steps to get FZN Wallet Address here:

LAToken is giving away approximately $24.00 of their token in return for signing up to an account. If you already have an account you can participate as well.
LA is an already operative currency for traders. It was created by LATOKEN — a transborder transactions company — to setup a new trading ecosystem, removing middlemen and giving trading access to 1 bln people. This currency is trusted by more than 150K traders all around the world.

Altcoinfantasy Game-Great & Easiest way to make unlimited FREE BTC!

Altcoin Fantasy will let you test your skills as a cryptocurrency trader. We are a free cryptocurrency simulation platform that allows you to make virtual trades. Compete in crypto picking contests to win prizes. No experience needed!

LOADS of very easy ways-EX: simple twitter/Face Book etc., tasks- to earn thousands of ACF points & Redeem for CASH!
ALSO,Best Fantasy Crypto Trading Simulation Cryptogame
Make a virtual buy/sell trade (with the FREE 10000 $ balance )Every Day & AVAIL A Free 'SPIN the WHEEL & WIN' ACF points up to 5000 once a day.
Go to the Login tab at the top of the page
Go to the bottom and find Sign up
Can register with your Facebook or email.
Choose username etc.,
Complete a tutorial 500 bonus ACF points.


Can earn UNLIMITED Free BTC ....$1000

Register here :
Login with Google/gmail.
Download App to Withdraw
Just Read,Share &Invite

UpStake--Unique crypto(No price decrease Ever)! DO NOT MISS!1 UPDC now= 0.0001488 BTC ($1.14 USD &Increases Daily!)

UpStake--Cryptocurrency Re-Imagined

UPS (the former token of has been officially replaced by UPDC(View UPDC on-chain here.)

UPDC is the world’s first cryptocurrency with a manipulation-proof predictable value and uses a unique rise-only concept facilitated in-part by reducing the overall supply through burn events.

If you look at UP Digital Currency, or the UPDC Token, you’ll notice some very promising arguments for UPDC becoming a legitimate Store of Value. Possibly even more so than Bitcoin (BTC). First, it doesn’t depreciate. Because of the way that the UPDC token works, it is protected against the the volatility of the market. People can’t short it, or manipulate the price. It increases at a fixed, and steady rate. All of which is well defined, and documented in their whitepaper.

Furthermore, there is a limited supply which slowly diminishes over time through the process of “burning tokens” at the point of transaction. The more transactions that take place, the faster UPDC tokens are burned out of circulation. As the tokens gain utility through the ecosystem, the velocity of use will result in improved liquidity.

Tokens can only be purchased(for now-before their release of two upgraded auto selling sites-version 2.0 exchange & moolah by July/Aug) through the & their internal exchange and the value of the token currently rises at 40% per month. On June 1st this drops to 30% per month and continues to drop further in the future. Over time as the liquidity, utility and infrastructure improves the rate of increase will drop. You get the highest ROI today because the project is new and still establishing itself.

Today 1 UPDC = 0.00013151 BTC ( $0.94 USD )




UPDC PRICE IN 12 MONTHS $23.75 USD2,419%


There is a fake upstake airdrop group NOT SEND THEM YOUR ETH, BTC, or ANY CURRENCY!)!

UpStake / UPDC is not running an airdrop, they are not giving away any free tokens.They did airdrop in 2018 and that period is over.No more free tokens.
Official upstake telegram group does not have bot, eth, or Airdrop