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Bitsdaq is a new Bittrex partner exchange platform in Singapore, Macao and Canada Together, they will offer fast trading services, reliable and secure customers.
The new currency and branding platform offers Asian customers a trustworthy and robust change with a selection of innovative projects.
The company offers opportunities and solutions to customers who want to access a wider range of digital assets on a secure and reliable platform. The new platform will be subject to an evaluation period of several weeks to ensure that it works smoothly for international customers.
Records have recently been opened and a campaign is running until March 31.
Upon signing up, a bonus of 1700 BXBC (1700$) is received until 28.02.2018, then between 01.03.2019 and 31.03.2019 the bonus will be 1000 BXBC
By the end of March, 200 BXBCs will be issued each day for logging. Tokens will be converted into USDT after March 31, 2019

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