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Program Description
ITNGroup, a financial asset management company, is a new platform for making business in the field of IT technologies. One of the main activities is unique earnings in the master sites, as well as investments in new financial markets, including the cryptocurrency market, the development and the sale of online servers with high bandwidth. Those of the main products are the Terra Node coin and the platform. Our platform will serve as a trading platform that will allow you to tarde comfortably and safely at the cryptocurrency market.

Investment Plans

1.27% Daily for 90 days, principal included
0.75% Daily for 180 days, principal included
0.60% Daily for 240 days, principal included

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Payment Processor

Reffral Comission

Minimum Deposit

SSL Encrypted
Fast & Cooperative Support
DDoS Protected
Dedicated Hosting

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( Investment programs are always Risky so do not invest if you can't afford to loose )