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Eternity Advertisement is a new internet affiliates company, We are not investment or HYIP program, we are real advertisement company and our business incomes is depand from our sponsors advertisement. We believe our business will growing day after day in future under manage by our expert team and cooperation of our members from worldwide.

We are provided 3 Surfing Plans for members, 30 days (4% daily), 90 days (1.6% daily) and 180 days(1% daily). We have to protact our members didn't lost their ROI when some unexpectable events or forgot to surf, we have offer 26 days Surf Policy, with this offer, our members got 4 extra surfing days to protact their ROI

Plan 30 Days Policy : 4% Daily For 30 Days ( Min Upgrade $10.00) = 120% ROI
Plan 90 Days Policy : 1.60% Daily For 90 Days ( Min Upgrade $5.00) = 144% ROI
Plan 180 Days Policy : 1.00% Daily For 180 Days ( Min Upgrade $1.00) = 180% ROI

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