If you ever had any problems with your computers and you wish they had never happened, if you want to do anything you want to your computer without worrying about problems, AyRecovery Professional is a must. AyRecovery can take as many as 1000 snapshots and is a pure software solution.
What can AyRecovery do?
1. Continuously protect your PC from any known or unknown software threats
2. Rollback system to working order even if Windows fails to start-up
3. Recover lost data or corrupted files
4. Prevent data thief in the event of stolen PC
5. Clean up virus and spyware infections
6. Remove unwanted software installations
7. Rollback failed software deployment
8. Reset system to desired baselines upon rebooting
9. Provide a test bed for software testing
10. Protect system and data from unauthorized access
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