Welcome to Surf2week.com

Surf2week is an online advertising network for individuals and

businesses who wish to advertise and promote their website or

business. Members can purchase Ad Packs to promote their site,

which will be viewed by other members in rotation. Members can also

earn cash by viewing other members sites. Viewing 10 members sites

a day will earn you 10% of your Ad purchase for 14 days.

Upgraded Members
Earn 10% daily for 14 days (Total 140%)
6% referral commission
3 free sites to advertise
Get 100 credits for every upgrade
Surf only 10 sites to get daily ROI
Minimum Upgrade: $3
Maximum Upgrade: $999
Max upg allowed: 3
Payouts within 24 hours from expires
Free Members
Free membership for 10 days
4% referral commission
1 free sites to advertise



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