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We are not an investment company, we don't offer loans, we don't request money for investing purposes! Our membership do not pay fees! We SELL advertising to members in the form of rotating URL's, Banner Ads, Text Adds, Email our membership ads etc. We give our Advertising Members an incentive, to encourage them to actually watch the advertisements displayed, plus additional bonuses to watch extra advertisement pages. We also provide members with facilities to promote their business such as personalised banner ads and personalised Flash Intros. We allow new members to look at advertisements free for two days but they cannot display their own ads unless they become an advertising member by purchasing ad packs.

Ad Packs last until 130% target reached
Each Ad Pack costs $25
Daily bonus percentage never falls below 5%.
Referral Commission 5%
We Accept E-Gold and SolidTrustPay for advertising purchases
Two day free membership to explore site
Free members cannot advertise until upgraded
We are a PROFIT-SHARE Advertising Site


MultiStreamOnline Your route to profitable income streams

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MultiStreamOnline Your route to profitable income streams

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