10dailyhits is a paid advertising company which offers people a high level earning opportunity while watching our customers advertisements and getting enormous traffic to your website at the same time.
How does it work?
Simply register an account on 10dailyhits.
A minimum of 4$ is needed to begin and you are almost on your way to start earning money from the campaigns of the online advertising .
How to purchase ad packages? To make it as easy as possible we use 4 different payment systems.You can pay for you ad packages using e-gold,alertpay,e-bullion or STP.
The benefits you get after becoming our customer(minimum 4$ required):

* 10% for 14 days (140% profit after the end of the period)
* 8% referral commission
* 4$ minimum upgrade
* Get paid after your upgrade expires
* 10 pages to surf daily
* 25 credits per unit
* 10 seconds timer
* Payouts usually made within 72 hours
* 4 different payment processors available

Important: Upgrades are not automatic while using E-bullion.
Please contact the administrator as soon as the transaction is made



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