What is Advertising-Surf?

We are a premier advertising solution that offers

you amazing web site traffic AND the chance to "earn

back" about 15% to 30% monthly for 12 months through our

surfing rebate program. Essentially, how we work is

this. Let's say you purchase $1000 in advertising

through us. If you will just surf 20 pages daily in our

auto surfing system everyday, we will give you a credit

back in your account of 1% of that $1000 daily. We then

pay you every day for a total of 365 days!

Why are we different?

Because we have REAL assets and REAL revenues. We

use these funds to make a profit which allows us to pay

you the rebates. Advertising-Surf is a internet

marketing pay to surf site . Let's face it time is

money.Advertising-Surf wants to help you maximize your

online earnings while minimizing your efforts. Most

paid-to-surf, paid-to-read and paid-to-click sites pay

you a small % if they pay you at all!!!. But at

Advertising-Surf, YOU decide how much you want to be

paid! You can earn up to $1000 for each day. It doesn't

get any easier than this!. Advertising-Surf is the ONLY

program you don't want to miss out on.

Program Plans


Earn 0.5% to 1% daily.
$5 - $500 : Earn 0.5% daily (182.5%)
$505 - $1000 : Earn 0.6% daily (219%)
$1005 - $1500 : Earn 0.7% daily (255.5%)
$1505 - $2000 : Earn 0.8% daily (292%)
$2005 - $2500 : Earn 0.9% daily (328.5%)
$2505 and more : Earn 1% daily (365%)
Upgrade only $5 last 365 days.
Surf 20 + sites daily.
5% to 10% referral commission.
Advertise up to 10 sites.
No minimum payout for upgraded.
$5 minimum for free members.
Daily cashout 24/48H.
Compound enabled.



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