12% daily for 12 days, 12 Sites, 12 Seconds

SurfMAX12.com is a fundamental and straightforward

auto-surf program that will achieve maximum profits for

our members. We believe all our members will progress

together with us and achieve financial freedom during

the process. We gladly welcome you aboard to enjoy your

auto-surfing with us.
SurfMax12 accepts the following payment processors:

Active Advertisers

* Minimum ad pack purchase ($5.00); Maximum ad pack

purchase 200 units ($1000.00- to increase as the program

* Multiple ad pack purchases available not exceeding

200 units ($1,000).
* Enjoy the traffic exchange ratio of 1:1.
* Earn 12% daily of the amount upgraded for 12 days

for each upgrade.
* Surf only 12 websites to have your daily 12%

* Earn 3% direct referrals commission & for every

repeating upgrade.
* Advertise up to 3 URL.
* Request for withdrawal every Monday 5% withdrawal

fee (to be lowered in the future). 50/50 rule on

cashouts over $100. Payments will be processed WITHIN


SurfMAX12.com is enthusiastic to complete all

payout as fast as we can to uphold our credibility and

to ensure that you are in one of the most profitable and

secure Auto-surf program ever.



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