The dream of all of the advertisers is to promote their page while the

money which for they bought the ad carries interest, so after 16 days

it's possible to get back more than they paid in. What we offer is not

unique. But the quality of our service is incomparable to anyone

else's. The payments are done as simple as surfing is. A professional

team is at your service.

Our goal is to become a milestone in the world of autosurfs with our

reliability and honesty. We know that this is only possible through

hard work but our whole team is prepared to make sacrifices for the

sake of it. We'd like to spread a phenomenon in the autosurf scene in

which the programs prefer to care much more about their members'

interest than their own.
You can reach daily 8% of interest on your purchased ad pack, with

surfing only 16 pages! Are you an advertiser or an investor? It doesn't

really matter since we provide the most profitable offers to everyo

- 8% Daily roi
- Upgrade lasts 16 Days
- 200 Credits monthly
- Add up to 3 sites
- No min. cashout

- Add 1 site only
- 20 pages surfing limit daily
- 0.5:1 surf ratio
- $1 Min. cashout

- 6% Referral commission
- Payout within 24 hours (with Fasttrack option)
- Support ticket system

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Liberty AutoSurf

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