This site is in french but itīs you can copy the information in there and paste it in an traducion online. you have an option if you like that your upline conctact you or not. You can offer points to your referrals to incentivate them to keep activity

When you make log in you can install the toolbar in Telechargement Ecbarre version 3.01
It will required a Framework v1.1 minimum You install it only if itīs necessary

So The bar have a control presence that you should digite a code around once per hour

You earn 15 points to click in "clis remunerees" (30 seconds)

For each 250 points you earn with the bar you receive a ticket bonus to play and earn between 10 points and 2 €

You can become upgrade your account also with your points and earn more!

Thereīs a Coupe Ec A monthly competions between the members and the first 1000 members earn since 1000 points to around 250€ or more to first place

1 point = 3 points in Coupe Ec You can earn 500 points by clicking every 2 hours in the sponsor link and vote in Ecbarre and others 4 programs in the site

10 levels of downline

30% 20% 10% 5 % 3% 2% 1% 1% 1% 1%

For more information, visit

EC BARRE - Barre de surf, concours et instant gagnant
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