Program Plans
What makes ePayHits.com so different from the multitude of 'paid to surf' sites out there? Unlike the vast majority of paid Autosurfs on the net, it is very important for you to understand that ePayHits.com in NO way depends on growth or new member funds to pay older/previous members, Ever! This is not a get rich quick autosurf, we pay a realistic sustainable daily percentage of .65% of your active upgrades for 365 days, and have a lucrative 3 level deep referral program.

So if you have grown tired of being lied to, seeing your favorite Autosurf site go down right before your cashouts are due, or just want to safely earn a decent income along with receiving a constant splurge of hits to your website... Then join ePayHits.com today, you wont regret it.

0.65% Daily for 365 Days

For more information, visit .::ePayHits::.
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