Wisesurfs is a paid autosurf program which pays 11% daily for 12 days totalling 132% - a net profit of 32% of your ad package. Also you have the possibility to earn a steady income for viewing other members and advertisers ads! We accept both free and upgraded members. Free members are able to generate free credits to have their websites shown to other members to help increase their sales. Upgraded memberships also get their advertisements shown to members but they also earn money for each day they surf in the exchange. Upgraded members get paid for the days they surf.
There are many ways we make money, from paid advertisers, to Forex (foreign exchange) trading to playing the odds. Skilled investors, who earn several years on Forex, stocks and other markets, may use our services as an additional way to make profit. We are targeting as one of the best autosurf sites on the market in near future. If you like our services, or want further information do not hesitate to contact us! We are here for You, and we are always happy to help you!

Program Plans

+11% x 12 days = 132%
+$0.05 per upgrade
+Surf 40 sites to earn
+Advertice up to 1 sites
+2% referral commission
+Payout within 48 hours

+11% x 12 days = 132%
+Upgrade Cost $0.05
+Surf 15 sites to earn
+Advertice up to 3 sites
+6% referral commission
+Payout within 48 hours

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