BestInvestGroup-surf has finally been setup. We realise that in order to create a successfull rebate program, constant slow and steady growth has to be maintained. So, we gona start with 2 tipes of membership, for the begining (one as a free membership).

Payout ratio will be of 85% from total founds, 5% will be used for referral comission and 10% will be used for advertising and administrative fee. Our income sources are provided from administrative fee and advertisement purchases. Together we can work as a community to create a program where people will be talking about for years to come. We know that is you who makes or breaks the program and we respect you.

Why Join Us?

* You will earn a stable ROI of 10% daily for 15 days;
* Referral comission of 5%;
* Surf only 10 sites to qualify for your daily rebate;
* 100 credits bonus just for sing up;
* Credits bonus when surfing;
* Minimum payout is $0.5;
* Dedicated forum and support;
* 200 advertising credits a month just for being active;
* Advertise up to 2 links;
* Free to join;
* The easiest, cheapest and efficient way of driving traffic to your website.

Program Plans
-10% for 15 days

For more information, visit
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